173. 5 Ways to Sell a Home Without a Realtor in Miami FL

We buy houses in Miami FLSo, you have a home on your hands that you’re interested in selling. Maybe you inherited the house from a relative. Perhaps you’re moving far away and have a need to sell it to invest in another home elsewhere.

Whatever the case might be, you might be interested in going this path alone. You think it’s in your best interest to avoid hefty realtor fees and sell the property for a fair price.

If you choose that route, you’ll need to know how to do it best. See below for several tips on how to sell a home without a realtor.

1. Sell to a Cash Buyer

Kicking off this list of tips for selling without a realtor is an option that allows you to forego all the other tips on this list.

If you want to receive a fair price on your house and are looking to sell it relatively quickly, then you should consider finding a trusted cash home buyer.

It won’t require you to stage your property and you’ll be allowed to leave a lot of things behind that you don’t want to bring. Even better, you don’t have to make any renovations prior to moving out. The cash buyer will allow you to sell it as-is.

They care about the life of your home after you leave it because they’re local. They want to help the community thrive with residential homes.

It’s not often that you get to control the speed of a home sale. But with a cash buyer, you do — receive an offer quickly and sell the home if you like the price. It’s that easy!

2. Price the Home Practically

Of course, you will be tempted to add a few more thousand dollars onto your home’s price in order to make more profit.

However, doing so could jeopardize the entire situation. You could set yourself back from having several interested buyers to none just by the pricing of your home.

Doing this without an agent could be tricky because you have no prior experience to understand what a fair price would be.

There are a few online resources you could use to see what quote they would set your home at, but they aren’t entirely accurate. They can’t know a price for sure without walking the property. So it’s all about giving a price that helps them out.

Whatever price you come to, be sure it’s realistic. Otherwise, you could be stuck with it for a while.

3. Ready the Home

Now comes the “fun” part. You have to get your home ready to be staged for pictures and tours with potential buyers.

A good rule of thumb for how to prepare your house is to try and achieve a “blank canvas”. It allows the potential buyers to get themselves excited at the potential that they see in the home.

They want to envision their belongings and renovation ideas in your home. If the living room is flooded with pictures of you and your family, it will be harder for them to do that.

To avoid that problem, be sure to remove all remnants of you and your family. This includes pictures, trophies, paintings, drawings, kids toys, etc.

This also means fixing what needs to be fixed. That hole that your child put into the wall with their toy needs to be filled. Any outdated appliances will be a deterrent for home offers, update them when necessary.

4. Time to Advertise

Now it’s time to bring your home to the people. Since you don’t have a real estate agent, you’ll have to advertise the house yourself.

That means trying out things such as listing them on sites, pushing them out to your community, asking for references, etc. You become a full-fledged salesperson at this point in the game.

Remember, you want as many people to tour the house as possible. The more people that you have on a staging tour, the more likely that you will receive an offer for your property.

One of the best practices for this stage is to set a realistic budget for your advertising needs.

How much can you afford? What options out there cost less? Which options might be a bit pricey, but offer a larger range of people? All questions need to be answered.

5. Details, Details, Details

You can advertise on the site with the most closed home sales all you want, but if your content isn’t descriptive, no one will reach out.

The description that you give on your home needs to be as exhaustive and detailed as possible. What appliances will you offer? When was the house built? What additions/renovations have you made to it?

Also, think about the potential selling points of the house. This could be things such as a pool, wood flooring, rain showerheads, renovated kitchen, marble countertops, etc.

Any features of the house that excite you will excite other people as well, be sure to list it. More importantly, provide pictures of every detail and place them in the order of which you list them.

Sell a Home in the Timespan that You Need to!

If the steps of how to sell a home seem overwhelming or daunting to you, then it’s clear what your path should be: sell to a cash buyer!

Be sure to read this article on how to sell a home as-is for more information on your options to sell without renovations.

Ready to receive a quote? Be sure to visit our get a quote page online and we’ll be happy to assist you further!


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