Defaulting renter with facemask receives letter giving notice of eviction

383. What Is The Eviction Process In Florida?

We buy houses in Florida. Ever wondered what’s the actual eviction process in Florida? If you’re a landlord or own property in Florida, do you know what the eviction law in Florida is and how it works? You should make yourself familiar with the eviction process in Florida just in case. You never know when … Continued

Sell my house in Florida

368. How To Sell A House With Unpermitted Work In Florida

We buy houses in Florida. You’ve been working so hard to get your Florida house ready to sell. You have replaced the roof, did a bathroom remodel, and now you’re putting the finishing touches on a fresh coat of paint. But did you make sure the work that was done didn’t need permits? We are your … Continued

We Buy Houses In Florida

337. Sell My Inherited Property With Siblings In Florida

We buy houses in Florida. Selling an inherited house is never easy, and when you throw siblings into the mix, that further complicates things. Seeing eye to eye with family can be tricky, even deciding on a restaurant can be a big deal amongst siblings, let alone selling a parent’s home. A sister or brother … Continued

We Buy Houses In Florida

322. Can Siblings Force The Sale Of An Inherited Property In Florida?

We buy houses in Florida. If you or your siblings owned an inherited property in Florida, the big question is whether or not you can sell it. That’s important to know because selling an inherited house can be a complicated situation amongst siblings. When one person inherits a house or property, the decision-making process is … Continued