291. Common Home Selling Myths That Every Property Owner In Florida Always Falls For

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We buy houses in Florida. If you’re a property owner, you may have put some thought into selling your investment. Have you been scared off by some common home selling myths that have been floating around the internet? We are your local Florida home buyers and we offer cash for houses in Florida.

There are plenty of false facts going around the real estate world and you can’t believe everything that you hear. But how can you possibly research everything? It’s easy to get scared and overwhelmed by so much information (and misinformation).

The process of selling a house or property is already stressful enough and you need to know the facts. Keep reading to learn about some of the more common myths behind selling a house and the actual truths behind them.

Myth: Staging A House To Sell In Florida Is Overrated

You might think that staged homes are just for HGTV and fancy housing magazines, but don’t be fooled.

A well-staged house looks great to potential buyers. Your house is more likely to be looked at by more potential buyers, more likely to be approached quickly, and more likely to earn you more money.

Staging a home can be costly. Furniture rentals and movers can be expensive. When the profits outweigh those costs and you sell your home faster, though, it’s 100% a worthwhile investment.

Think about it as a consumer. When you’re looking for a new home, do you like to see it nicely decorated?

While you shouldn’t go overboard (buyers want to see themselves in that house, not you) putting some clean, minimal furniture in that space lets potential buyers gauge dimensions more accurately and gives the space a sense of “home” that a blank box of a house won’t have.

Myth: Overpricing The FL Property Is Better For Negotiations

So you’re going to start with a totally unreasonable price and wait for someone to haggle you down, right?


This might work sometimes in a very desirable area, but in a world where there are probably other relatively equal houses that already have lower starting numbers, if you’re not offering the absolute best of the best, you need to keep your starting price in the “reasonable” range.

Going slight over is okay, but if you go too high you’re risking missing out on some serious buyers! Don’t expect that everyone is going to be willing to negotiate with you if they see an asking price that’s too high above their upper limit, especially if they have other options.

Myth: You Have To Wait For Warm Weather To Sell Your House In Florida

Have you heard that nobody buys in winter? That you need to hold off on selling until spring or summer starts?

While there may be more people buying in the spring and summer, this is absolutely not some hard and fast rule. People need houses in winter just like any other time of the year.

If you’re looking to sell your house quickly and you’ve been scared off by everyone telling you that it’s just the wrong time of year, you don’t have to worry.

Think about it: do you think that no one gets a new job in the winter and has to relocate? Do you think that no one ever has a lease end, or has a home emergency forcing a move? Maybe no one ever goes through a family separation.

People need homes all year. Bonus: if everyone else believes this myth, guess who will have the only house on the market?

You’re welcome.

Myth: If You Have Immediate Offers, You Priced The FL House Too Low

This one is totally false provided you’ve done your research.

Did you accidentally list a house for $1,000 in Miami? Well, this one might not be a myth for you.

Otherwise, there are a few factors that can go into this.

For one, people tend to do a lot of window shopping when they’re looking for a new home. They spend plenty of time browsing and look at over a dozen homes during this process.

If they’ve seen everything else and they’ve been waiting for something new to pop up, your house might be exactly what they were looking for.

It can also be a result of a good agent or good marketing (or both). The internet has changed the way people buy and sell homes, and so much of it is in the advertising. If this part is done right, there’s no reason for a sale to take forever.

Myth: All Real Estate Agents In Florida Are Your Friends

Your real estate agent wants the best for you, right? After all, the more money you get, the more money they get.

Well, kind of.

A quick sale also looks great for a real estate agent, and if they can make that happen by actually underpricing your home, they might just do that (especially if they’re new to the game).

Finding a good real estate agent isn’t as easy as it seems, and selling a house alone isn’t always easy either. It might seem like an easier and more profitable path, but it comes with more negotiation and more stress that might not be worth the money.

Overall, choosing your real estate agent (or lack of a real estate agent) can be one of the most stressful parts of selling for any property owner.

Are You A Property Owner Looking To Sell Your FL House?

Selling a house is hard work! Between the preparation, the agent (or lack thereof) the listings, the advertising, and then the negotiations, it can seem like a huge amount of stress and a lot of time. This is a process that can take a while.

These popular home-selling myths are easy traps to fall into, but don’t be fooled! It isn’t (usually) easy to sell your house.

If you’re looking to sell quickly and avoid a lot of that hassle, visit our site and see what we do. We’re here to help you sell that property.

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