29. How This West Palm Beach FL Homeowner Sold Her Home and Avoided Foreclosure

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We buy houses in West Palm Beach Florida. We are your local West Palm Beach FL home buyers, and we offer cash for houses in West Palm Beach FL. Our South Florida real estate investing and “we buy houses” business is more than just a paycheck to us. In the course of our work, we have the opportunity to help good people in tough situations; people like Abrinar, a South Florida homeowner who was faced with overwhelming debt and the imminent foreclosure of her home. Her only option to foreclosure at that point was a short sale.

You Can Sell Your West Palm Beach FL Home And Avoid Foreclosure

A short sale occurs when a homeowner owes more on their home than its value. The homeowner is often behind on payments and unable to dig out of debt. The bank initiates foreclosure, which results in the homeowner not only losing his or her home but being saddled with a dismal credit score, making it that much more difficult to recover. The bank is often open to settling on a reduced sale price of the home to avoid the cost and the effort of seeing the foreclosure process through. However, it is unusual for the homeowner to be able to pay this price.

Cash for houses in West Palm Beach FLTo minimize the impact of this situation, many homeowners opt to sell their home to an investor who will assume the debt to the bank and allow the homeowner to walk away from the home without the negative effect of a foreclosure on their credit rating.

We Can Buy Your House Regardless Of Your Situation in Florida

Abrinar had been approached by several individuals who offered to assist her with the short sale of her home. When we met with her, we discussed all of her concerns and answered all of her questions until Abrinar felt confident that we were the best choice.

This short sale, like so many others, was rife with complications…

There were 3 mortgages on this property. One of the loans was with a company that went out of business a few years back. Our attorney was able to get a release of a mortgage from the company that purchased that loan. In addition, we stopped her foreclosure sale to give us time to negotiate the short sale with the 2 other lenders.

Situations like this are where an inexperienced or unprofessional investor can do more to harm than help a homeowner.

Homebuyers in West Palm Beach FLWe worked hard to live up to Abrinar’s trust in us by staying on top of each step of this transaction and making sure to update Abrinar as the process ensued.

This is a stressful, vulnerable time for homeowners. We strove to assure Abrinar that she was in good hands.  Please listen to Abrinar’s testimonial above and let us know how we can help you with your real estate problem.

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If you think you need to sell your house in Florida fast, then you may need us. We at Florida Cash Home Buyers are local homebuyers in West Palm Beach FL, and we’re helping local homeowners have a quick and hassle-free sale. If your West Palm Beach FL house qualifies, we can make you a quick and fair cash offer. For more information or if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (954) 519-7040 or fill out the online form and we will get in touch with you.


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