13. How to Deal with Problem Tenants in Orlando FL

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Tenant disputes and evictions can be a source of stress for everyone involved.

Protect yourself. Learn the proper way to terminate a lease,  learn the step by step eviction process and how to deal with various other tenant problems and complaints.

Be aware

Remember to visit your rental property occasionally to keep track of any maintenance or neighbor-related issues as they occur. Think about creating a maintenance schedule at the start of the lease. Remember, if you plan to enter the property you are required to give reasonable notice to your tenant before doing so – usually 24 hours.

Talk to the local neighbors to gauge your tenant’s conduct. Are they having very loud parties every night? Are they continually disturbing the other neighbors, and have the police ever been called on them? Don’t assume that everything is fine – be proactive and stay informed.

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Be professional

An important general rule for all dealings with your tenant is to be consistently courteous and professional – even if they don’t behave the same way. Remember, this is your business and you need to you treat it as such.

Minimize the possibility for damage

Consider the living environment you’ve created in your rental property. You can minimize the possibility of damage by using hard-wearing, durable materials including washable eggshell paint, stain-protected carpet in a dark colour or pattern, good quality vinyl or ceramic tiles and multiple smoke detectors.

Maintain good relations

Remember to cultivate a relationship of mutual respect from the beginning. If and when repairs on the property are needed, respond to your tenant, respond quickly and fix the problem properly the first time. Delays that seem unnecessary, as well as recurring plumbing or electrical issues, will only breed resentment and distrust.

Get the right insurance

Protect yourself – and your wallet – by ensuring you take out the right policy when you insure your investment property. Important things to think about include buildings insurance, contents insurance, emergency assistance, and accidental damage.

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Keep accurate records

Keep a detailed account of any legal or financial transactions that occur with your tenant, as well as formal and informal agreements. It’s important to have a paper trail of any maintenance issues you have had to deal with, as well as warnings or requests you’ve issued so that you can refer to them should the need arise in the future. Keep copies emails or letters to and from your tenant, and write down the dates and details of any telephone calls you have.

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