130. Ranking the Best Home Buying Companies in South Florida

Home prices are soaring. In fact, this spring marked more than 80 straight months of increased housing prices.

But it’s not always easy to know how to cash in on home sales.

We’re here to help narrow down the best home buyers. Read on for the top rated home buying companies in South Florida.

Why It’s Time to Find the Best Home Buyers

When it comes to real estate, timing and pricing are crucial. And that means looking at trends and picking hot times to get the most out of property.

Some experts suggest this spring is a smart time to look for the best home buying companies. And some reports say homes in April can be priced 6 percent higher than in winter months.

But homeowners still should be careful to pick out the best home buyers before making a move.

It’s a good idea to look at each company’s reputation. It’s also smart to pick companies that fit the seller’s needs. For instance, homeowners who are looking for faster cash will want to choose a group that accepts houses in their current condition.

With those tips in mind, here is a list of the top South Florida companies out there:

House Heroes

This company works on buying homes from people who are facing housing problems. And that means they offer a big advantage over many home buyers.

They buy homes in all conditions. That makes them one of the top companies to consider for sellers with wrecked property or a house in need of big repairs.

Property Force

Property Force has been around for more than a decade. That means they’ve been around for housing market ups and downs.

They have a knack for matching customers with their needs. And the company is known as a leader when it comes to cutting out the red tape. It’s also especially known for helping buyers find low-valued or off-market property to buy.


This company doesn’t require homeowners to make repairs. That means they’ll buy houses as is. This can be a big advantage for sellers who don’t have time to fix up the property.

It also means the homeowners don’t have to sink extra money into housing they want to offload. They pay for closing costs. And they don’t charge fees or take extra real estate commission.

Florida Cash Home Buyers

Florida Cash Home Buyers has completed more than 600 transactions throughout nearly two decades. The group offers up to $50,000 as a cash advance before closing. That makes it a top option for people who want quick cash.

It’s also one of the best companies for selling houses as is. As a unique bonus, the group will also donate $1000 to a church or charity of the buyer’s choosing upon closing.

More in Selling a Home

These are the best home buyers in the South Florida area. And we have experts who can answer questions about the property selling process.

But we’ve got much more advice when it comes to selling a home.

Wondering how to sell a home that was inherited? Check out our blog here for the top tips and tricks for selling an inherited home the right way.


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