86. Real Estate Staging Tips: Smells that Help to Sell Houses Faster in Orlando FL

We buy houses in Orlando FLWe buy houses in Orlando Florida. If you’re ready to sell your home, you need to make sure that it’s ready for prospective buyers, right? One of the quickest and most economical things you can do to speed up your sale is to take advantage of real estate staging.

First, make sure that your house has some serious curb appeal by having your landscaping in order and the outside of your home in tip-top shape.

Then you need to make sure the inside of your home is looking good, as well, and what’s the first thing people tend to notice when they walk through the door? The smell!

In fact, the sense of smell is the strongest of all senses for giving buyers a positive first impression of your home.

Keep reading to discover the secrets to a sweet-smelling home sale. We are your local Orlando FL home buyers and we offer cash for houses in Florida.

How Should My House Smell For Real Estate Staging?

The obvious answer to how your house should smell is clean, of course!

Just be conscious of the fact that your definition of clean is personal and could be totally different from others.

If you’ve ever walked into a home and found the smell of candles of sprays overwhelming, you know it doesn’t smell good or clean.

Strong smells make potential buyers suspicious that the seller is trying to hide something. Good real estate staging makes your property smell inviting, as opposed to overly scented.

We’ve got five tips to help you get your house sold quickly!

Tip #1: Remove Odors

Our first tip is to make sure your house is spotless and odor-free. This can seem like a daunting task, but you can make it fun by getting your family and friends involved.

Follow your nose to find where any bad smells originate. Once you’ve found the cause, clean it with hot soapy water and an antibacterial cleaner or detergent.

For tougher odors like smoke, pet urine, or a stinky toilet follow this helpful odor removal guide.

Tip #2: Less is More

Eric Spangenberg at Washington State has been studying the effects of scents on the buyer decision process for more than 20 years.

His research suggests that shoppers spent 32% more when a store had a simple fragrance as opposed to complex smells. But why?

The theory is that complex scents can distract buyers from making decisions. Those complex scents can be good smells or bad smells.

Either way, they complicate things and get in the way of you selling your house. Keep your fragrance simple by using smells like fresh linen or vanilla.

Tip #3: Use Welcoming Scents

Everybody loves their own scent but do we love some scents more than others?

Spangenberg suggests that simple fragrances are the most welcoming because they’re understated.

He suggests smells of lemon, pine, green tea, cedar, vanilla, or basil as the most welcoming.

Stick to one of these basic smells to ensure your smells aren’t a distraction.

Tip #4: Where’s That Smell Coming From?

Now you know the smell you’re after, but how do you get it?

There are countless options here from candles, reed diffusers, and simmer pots to potpourri, oil plug-ins, and many more. So many options!

Thankfully, they’re all good choices. The thing to avoid though is that overwhelming smell.

We recommend turning off or blowing out anything scented a couple of hours before open doors. That way the smell won’t be in your face when your buyers walk in the door.

Tip #5: Going The Extra Mile

Does the talk of all of these wonderful scents have you longing for a simpler time? Well, that’s great!

And it means that potential buyers will most likely feel the same way. You can play the nostalgia card and do some baking before your showing to up your welcoming smells game.

Honestly, when it comes to sweet smells, nothing is homier than freshly baked cookies.

Plus, you can place the cookies out for buyers to enjoy once they’ve baked and ready.

Sell My House in Orlando FL

Now that you know how to make the best use of sweet smells in your real estate staging efforts, your home is ready for its new owners.

We love to help homeowners sell their property fast! If you think you need to sell your house in Florida fast, then you may need us. We at Florida Cash Home Buyers are local homebuyers in Orlando FL, and we’re helping local homeowners have a quick and hassle-free sale. If your Orlando FL house qualifies, we can make you a quick and fair cash offer.

For more information or if you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (954) 519-7040 or fill out the online form and we will get in touch with you. Check out our tips on getting your home sold or (if you want even quicker results), contact us for an offer on your home today.


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