272. Real Estate Tips: This Is How to Sell Your Home in the Summer in Florida

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We buy houses in Florida. If you’re planning to sell your home in the summer, here are some tips that we’ve gathered for you. In the last five years, almost 25% of Americans have moved. We are your local Florida home buyers and we offer cash for houses in Florida.

Are you hoping for a fresh start, where you can earn more money and have a better life for your family?

This can only happen if you first sell your own home. Unfortunately, summer is a difficult time to move house as people are going on vacation and kids aren’t in school.

But, in this article, we’ll offer you a few real estate tips for selling in summer. 

1. Keep The Garden Of The FL Property Looking Good 

With warm summer weather, it’s easy for your yard to look like a mess. Kids will be playing with toys, and the grass will be growing fast. 

Remember, the front yard is the first thing people well see. You need to boost curb appeal by keeping on top of the gardening. 

Hiring a gardener may pay for itself when you manage to snag your asking price. Alternatively, do the work yourself, plant flowers, and mow the grass regularly. 

2. Bring Flowers Into Your Florida Home 

Rather than using unappealing, unnatural air fresheners, choose to bring beautiful blooms into your home. This will encourage people to stop and smell the roses, and notice how gorgeous the interior of your home really is!

Alternatively, consider baking bread or cookies when potential buyers are visiting. It is common for companies to use scents to sell, so why shouldn’t you? 

3. Bring Light Into Your Home In FL

It’s vital that while you’re trying to sell your home, you ensure it looks its best at all times. 

This doesn’t just mean keeping it tidy inside, but it also means removing furniture, blankets, artwork, or ornaments that might not be to a buyer’s taste. 

Try to keep your home neutral and minimalist so that buyers can imagine their own furniture here. 

As well as this, you want to brighten up any dark areas in your home. For example, remove dark furniture and paint dark walls, then bring in mirrors and lamps. This will make all the difference!

4. Keep Air Moving In Your Home In Florida

If it’s a very hot day, then ensure that the air keeps moving throughout your house before buyers arrive.

You want to ensure the temperature is not too hot but also not too cold. If it’s hot, leave doors and windows open all day or turn on the aircon before buyers arrive. 

If your home is particularly cold, even during summer, then it’s time to turn on the heating for half an hour to ensure buyers are comfortable.

Better yet, if it’s very hot outside yet nice and cool in your home, then guests will enjoy spending longer looking!

5. Outdoor Furniture Should Look Inviting For The FL House

Remember, in order to sell your home quickly, you’re not trying to show off your taste. Instead, you’re trying to sell a story of how it’s the perfect place to live to others. 

Therefore, if you don’t have any outdoor furniture, it’s time to borrow or invest in some. You want to encourage people to think “this is a great place to sit and read or enjoy a glass of wine.”

If you have enough outdoor space, then talking about how wonderful it is to have BBQs is a great idea. So long as you actually own a BBQ! 

Alternatively, you could move your indoor furniture outside. Add a blanket to the floor for kids to play on and you have a comfortable outdoor area.

6. Increase Your Viewing Hours Of The Florida Home

If this is possible for you, then extended viewing hours will certainly help you sell your home during summer. 

People may choose to bring their kids along during the day, or pop over to see what the lighting is like during the morning or evening. 

Be prepared for an alternative form of house viewing too. For example, virtual home tours are currently on the rise due to Covid-19.

7. Offer Buyers A Snack When Selling The FL House

While you have viewers in your home, be the perfect host. Why not offer them an iced coffee or tea, lemonade, or even a glass of something a little stronger?

Make sure you have lots of ice in the freezer, ready for cold drinks when buyers ask to visit. 

You may also want to offer some local summer dishes. Perhaps a simple potato salad or a few hot dogs will entice buyers to stay longer and look around! 

8. Clean All Of The Windows In The Florida Home Thoroughly

While more light is getting through your windows than in winter, it’s imperative that your windows look clean! Clean windows will help bring in more light too, which is always a bonus. 

You may choose to clean the windows yourself, or save time and hire someone to do a professional job that is free of smears. 

Furthermore, make sure you also clean and polish mirrors too. Buyers will notice if your home is anything less than sparkling. 

9. Tie Balloons To The Front Of Your FL Home

Why not make your home noticeable from the street when viewers are trying to find you? Balloons are a great way to grab attention. 

Furthermore, these balloons will intrigue viewers and give them a sense of excitement when they first enter your home. 

These balloons aren’t only noticeable to viewers who are already planning to visit. They also let people passing through the neighborhood know that your home is for sale.

Which Real Estate Tips Will You Choose To Sell Your Florida House?

Some of these real estate tips are absolutely essential to selling your home, such as cleaning and tidying before viewers arrive. 

Others, such as offering drinks and snacks, are simply a nice touch that will help buyers remember their experience at your home. If you incorporate all of these tips, then you are more likely to sell quickly.

Are you looking to sell your house but don’t know where to start? Then, get in touch for a no-obligation, all-cash offer on your home!

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