119. The 5 Biggest Advantages of Selling My Home as Is to a Real Estate Investor in Fort Lauderdale FL

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The average home spends 3 weeks on the market.

A quick sale in hot markets helps drive down that average. For many homeowners, seeing their home sit on the market for 6 weeks, 6 months, or even a year or more is far more common.

Even 3 weeks on the market may be too much for some homeowners. If you’re eager to make an offer on a new home but need to sell yours first, or if you are experiencing financial hardship, you may need your home to sell even faster.

When you need your money fast, you need another option.

Keep reading to learn 5 benefits you’ll get when selling my home as is.

1. You Won’t Have to Make Repairs

One of the biggest challenges of selling your home is actually preparing it to show to potential buyers.

Even if your home is brand new, odds are that there are plenty of repairs that need to be done before it can be listed.

Walls get bumped, scuffed, and damaged when furniture is moved. Appliances break down with regular use. Rain, snow, and other acts of nature lead to leaks, wind damage, and fading or peeling paint.

If you leave this damage unfixed, potential buyers will likely focus on them, using them as a reason why you need to drop your asking price. But if you do choose to fix them, you could be looking at spending hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars, taking away from your potential profit from selling your home.

2. You Can Sell Right Away

Not only are repairs and prepping your home for sale expensive, but they’re also time-consuming.

The longer you spend on this stage, the more you’re spending on paying down your mortgage, taxes, and perhaps even paying for a second home if you’ve already bought one.

When you sell your home faster, you save money overall.

3. There are No Upfront Costs

Selling a house to a cash buyer is a great way to avoid any and all upfront costs of selling your home.

Besides repairs, you’ll also avoid spending your hard earned money on renting furnishings for staging, paying to advertise your home, and paying a realtor to show and sell your home.

4. You Can Focus on Moving

If you’re selling your primary residence to move to a new one, selling your old house is just one thing on a long list of tasks you need to deal with.

You also need to pack up all of your belongings, rent a moving truck, buy your new home, actually move in, and more. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, it’s a lot to deal with.

By selling your house for cash, you can cross it off your list and focus on moving into your new home instead.

5. You’ll Get Cash in Your Pocket Right Away

When finances are tight and you need cash to buy or rent a new home, pay down debts, or for any other expenses, selling your home as-is is a great way to get it.

You won’t have to wait through a lengthy listing, sale, closing, and other delays. You’ll get the cash you need, fast.

Plus, you won’t lose any cash through closing and realtor fees. Real estate commissions can eat as much as 10 percent of your selling price.

Selling My Home As Is

If you need to get your home off the market as soon as possible, you can’t afford to go through finding an agent, listing it, and waiting around for buyers.

Now that you know more about why selling my home as is always a better option, it’s time to get your free offer today!

Sell My House in Fort Lauderdale FL

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