The Top 10 Tips To Sell Your House Fast In Miami FL

We buy houses in Miami FLWe buy houses in Miami FL. Did you know that staged homes only sit an average of 23 days on the market (DOM)? This is even crazier when we compare it to un-staged homes, which sit on the market for… yep, 225 days. And staging is just one of a number of tricks you can do to sell your house fast in Florida. We are your local Miami FL home buyers, and we offer cash for houses in Miami FL.

A few others include boosting your curb appeal, self-promoting your property via social media, hiring a professional photographer, knowing a few real estate facts such as the right time to sell, depersonalizing your home, and wisely choosing your upgrades.

To put these tips into action, here’s what you need to know when it comes to selling your house faster in Florida.

1. Two Words To Sell Your Miami Home Fast: Curb appeal 

Curb appeal is critical in order to sell your house fast in Miami FL because it only takes a couple of seconds for buyers to make a judgment call about your house. They drive up. Look at it. One one thousand. Two one thousand. And then, they either imagine themselves living there. Or they don’t.

We want buyers to have the first reaction, and to get that, we need to boost your house’s curb appeal. To do this, take an objective point of view when looking at the front of your house. If you were a buyer, would you want to stop a couple of minutes longer and look inside?

Survey your front yard. Make sure to consistently trim the lawn. And plant flowers for some character. Look into renovating your garage (especially if it has dents), as garages can account for a large percentage of the front yard.

2. Be Upgrade Savvy For The Florida Property

You don’t want to empty the bank when it comes to upgrades, but a few adjustments can make your home not only sell faster but increase your home value.

Be smart about this. Instead of remodeling the entire house, look into updating the master bathroom and kitchen. According to Forbes, these are the two most important rooms.

And, even then, the remodeling doesn’t have to be too expensive. Swap out kitchen cabinets. Screw on some new knobs. Little touches go a long way.

3. Your House In Miami Is Not Your Home Anymore

Do a quick Google search and you’ll find that a house is “A building for human habitation, especially one that is lived by a family or small group of people.”

Home, on the other hand, means “The place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.”

Note the word, “permanently” between these two definitions. A house isn’t permanent; a home is. The house you’re selling (or planning on to) is not your home anymore. Knowing this distinction allows you to depersonalize your house.

This mindset makes you able to organize and display your house to attract the buyer. That means limiting (or not having) personal photos, mementos, and other memorabilia on display.

4. Flexibility Is Your Middle Name When Selling A Property In Miami

Selling your house faster means you have to be more flexible around the buyers’ schedules. If a buyer can only see the house at 9 in the morning, consider working from home that day. If a buyer makes an impromptu visit to check the house out, throw the toys, blankets, and whatever else is scattered around in a bin and push it in the closet.

This may be inconvenient for you and your family’s part, but look at it this way: These inconveniences add up in helping your home sell faster.

5. Harness The Power Of Social Media To Sell The House In Miami

While marketing your house mainly is your real estate agent’s job, you can help out and spread the word…with social media.

A little self-promotion can go a long way. Ask family and friends on Facebook to post on their walls that you’re selling your house. Who knows? Maybe a friend of your friend’s sister’s brother’s neighbor may be looking for a house.

Also, take advantage of the Florida landscape. We happen to live in a coastal state, where the sun is shining and beaches galore.

If you’re on your way home and catch an epic sunset a block away from your house, or your house is located next to a beautiful beach, take a couple of minutes to take a panoramic view. And then post it on Facebook and Instagram.

The great part is that you know your neighborhood and surrounding area the best. Take advantage of this, and photograph/video record the best views in the area.

6. Pottery Barn-up Your Miami House With Proper Staging

No, you don’t have to use Pottery Barn pieces (unless you want to). What we’re saying is invest in a little staging to get your house sold faster.

Remember those stats we shared with you at the beginning of this article. Well, let’s put them into action. Suppose, your mortgage is $3,000 per month and direct expenses come out to $1,000. So, total, approximately $4,000 a month.

Now, if you don’t decide to use staging, your home has a higher chance of staying on the market for roughly 225 days, which is about 8 months. Do the math: $4,000 ($3,000 mortgage + $1,000 direct expenses) x 8 months = $32,000. And most likely, for part of this time, you won’t be even living in the home.

Spending roughly $675 in staging (average price in staging) can save you tons by selling your property faster, possibly for a better deal.

7. Know When To Sell The Home In Florida

Did you know there’s statistically a good time to sell?

Yep, according to a Zillow study, homes that were on the market between May 1 and March 15 sold on average 18.5 days faster.

8. No House Selfies In Photos Of Your Miami House

Hire a professional photographer when it comes to photographing your house. They’ve been trained in this area, and know what the best angles and light are to work with.

90% of homebuyers look at homes online. This means some beautiful, professional photos of your house can really separate it from the pack, and draw in more buyers to check out your place. Plus, it might even increase home value.

9. The Price Of The FL Property Is Right

Pricing your house too low means you lose out on more money. But too high, and you won’t have any bidders. This is where hiring a real estate agent may be a good idea.

Based on the current housing market, they can set a fair price, which will speed up the selling process plus get you the money you deserve.

10. Keep Pets Away When Selling Your House In Florida

Remove pets from your home if you can. You don’t know if a buyer is allergic to cats or is deathly afraid of dogs.

We know you love your furry family members, but your buyers may not be too fond. Play it safe, and keep pets away.

Sell My House in Miami FL

If you think you need to sell your house in Florida fast, then you may need us. We at Florida Cash Home Buyers are local homebuyers in Miami FL, and we’re helping local homeowners have a quick and hassle-free sale. If your Miami house qualifies, we can make you a quick and fair cash offer.

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the Author - Omer Reiner

Omer Reiner is one of the owners of FL Cash Home Buyers, LLC. Omer's passion is to help homeowners out of tough situations by providing them with solutions that meet their unique situations. Since he started investing in Real Estate in 2011, and because of his extensive knowledge and expertise of the Florida Real Estate market, he has been featured on many online publications such as Forbes, Yahoo, GoBankingRates, HomeLight, MSN, and many others.

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