113. Top 5 Secrets of Home Staging to Get Potential Buyers Ready in Orlando FL

We buy houses in Orlando Florida. Is home staging a waste of time or can it help you sell your home faster than you thought possible? Some folks aren’t comfortable with the idea of staging their home because it makes their space seem unauthentic. But when done correctly, staging techniques put your house in the best light to show buyers its true potential.

If you want to sell your home quickly, consider these five easy home staging techniques to go from “For Sale” to “Sold.” We are your local Orlando FL home buyers and we offer cash for houses in Orlando FL.

1. Get Rid of Clutter

No one wants to see mountains of clutter in every room. It makes the home look untidy and rooms appear smaller.

Go room by room and get rid of all the items you don’t use often. From kitchen counters to cabinets and pantries, you only need the bare minimum.

Removing excess stuff not only makes your home look cleaner, but it also gives the idea you have ample storage.

2. Clear Out Your Closets

Most buyers check the closets to gauge a home’s storage capacity. But even if your home has multiple closets or attic space, seeing a crammed closet can give the illusion of not enough storage.

As a general rule, closets should be filled to about half capacity. This gives you things room to breathe and makes items look less cramped.

If you don’t have anywhere else to put your things in the interim, consider renting a storage unit while you wait for your home to sell.

3. Remove Any Personalization

This technique sounds counterintuitive since a home should reflect your unique style. But potential buyers may be turned off by a space they feel they can’t make their own.

While your home is on the market, move your family pictures or personal items into storage. Pack up any keepsakes or non-generic items that will make it hard for buyers to picture their own things in your space.

4. Set the Dining Room Table

There’s nothing that says home like sitting down to a good meal. But the dining room table can often go overlooked when staging your home for visitors.

A bare table does nothing to create a warm, inviting space. Instead, jazz it up with color and life to boost its appeal.

Add full place settings to your dining room table to make it look inviting and homey. Include a few centerpieces, like a bowl of fresh lemons, candles, or anything that adds a warm touch.

5. Give Your Home a Daily Cleaning

Buyers don’t expect as much work or effort when they move into a clean home. The trick is to keeping your home as clean as though no one lives there.

It’s a major undertaking, especially if you have multiple people in the home. But if a little extra house cleaning each day helps you sell your home faster, it’s worth every effort.

Home Staging For the Win

Home staging can be as easy or as complicated as you make it. Regardless of how you transform your home, the “Sold” sign in your front yard makes every effort worth it.

Want to sell your home even faster? Contact us today and let us help you find a cash buyer for your home.

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Omer Reiner

Omer Reiner is one of the owners of Florida Cash Home Buyers. He has been featured on many online publications over the years as he has extensive knowledge and expertise of the Florida Real Estate market.

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