Why 2019 is a Perfect Time to Sell Your House As Is

If you’re considering putting your house on the market, it might be time to stop considering. Sell it!

Buyers often worry about the “right” time to sell their home. If you’re facing job relocation, you might have no choice but to sell your house soon. However, if you’ve been thinking of downsizing (or upsizing), 2019 could be the time to sell your home.

Sometimes the decision comes down to how much you should invest in renovations before listing your house. What if you could sell your house as is in 2019?

There are only a few months left in the year! Here’s why you should sell your home before 2020.

The End Could Be Near

Selling a home in 2018 into 2019 was easier than it was earlier in the decade. We’ve experienced a seller’s market most recently, but that could come to an end in 2020.

If you know you’ll probably sell your home within the next year, you might have better luck if you put it on the market early. While the number of home sales increased after the recession of the earlier 2000s, sales have slowed throughout 2019.

By 2020, some predict that home prices will rise again. This can make it harder to sell your home when you need it.

Mortgage Rates Are Hanging Low

While some things can indicate a potential rise or fall in mortgage rates, we’re never sure when rates might increase again. Take advantage of rates staying on the low side of things by selling your home in 2019.

Rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage remain steady after a decline earlier this year. Buyers and sellers benefit from low-interest rates. Low rates encourage buyers to look for new homes because home loans become more affordable, and sellers don’t have to lower the price of their house to sell it.

We don’t yet know how rates will look in 2020. Selling before the end of 2019 is a better bet for reasonable mortgage rates that can help buyers afford your home.

You’ll Make a Decent Profit

There is money to be made on the sale of your house in 2019! Unless your home is significantly over-priced, many sellers are walking away with a net profit from their home sale.

Mortgage rates are low enough that sellers don’t have to compromise significantly when they receive an offer on their homes. Even if you have to adjust the sale price during negotiations, you stand a good chance of making money if you sell your home before 2020.

Fresh Buyers Are Here

Millennials are at the age where they’re looking for their first homes. They’re ready to start families, and they’ve saved enough money to invest in a house.

Your home could be exactly what they’re looking for in a first home! But you’ll need to act fast to catch these fresh buyers.

The housing market can grow cold during the first part of the year. Many sellers have to lower prices to sell a house in late mid to late winter. Now is the time to list your home for the best chance at selling before 2019 ends.

You Don’t Need to Renovate

This question still lingers: should you renovate before selling? If your home isn’t the picture of an HGTV-quality home, it can feel like you need to make it into a nicer version of itself before you can sell.

Most houses on the market need some amount of work, yet they still sell without the time and money of a remodel!

  • Renovations will delay the sale of your home beyond 2019. The process of a renovation can take weeks or months to complete. Starting a remodel now could make your home unavailable for the market until 2020.
  • Plus, you’ll need cash to invest in a renovation that makes your home “seem” worthy of selling. If your cash flow doesn’t support putting money into a house you’re about to leave, don’t put your cash into a renovation.

In many cases, you won’t recover the money you invest in a renovation for the purpose of selling. A remodel or upgrade can make more sense if you plan to stay in your home longer.

With a sale in mind, you can put the idea of a renovation aside. Your home can be valuable and sell at a profit without touching anything!

Investors Want Your House!

Your ideal buyers might not want to live in your home. Home investors look for houses that need work. A newly-renovated home can be less attractive to the right buyers.

Investors buy intending to remodel your house to sell at a higher profit. Other investors buy homes to renovate into rental properties. You could invest money in a pre-listing renovation, but if your home sells to an investor, it’s possible they would redo your remodel anyway!

House flippers or rental property owners are looking for homes right now. You can sell your home in 2019 without dealing with open houses, closing costs, dueling realtors, or making repairs to help it sell.

There are plenty of advantages to selling your house for cash. With limited time left in 2019, cash for the sale of your home can be the ideal solution for you!

Sell Your House as Is for Cash!

We hope we just simplified your decision to sell your home in 2019. Sell your house as is for cash in 2019, and you don’t have to worry about negotiations, renovations, or losing a seller’s market.

Be sure you choose the right company when selling your home for cash. We offer a fair price and a cash advance to make sure you’re happy with the sale of your home. If selling your home in 2019 feels right, we’re ready to buy it or help you find the best solution.

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