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Interviews, news stories, and radio stations featuring our company & our owners 🙂

Some of The Media Outlets We’ve Been Featured On:

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Forbes Magazine

Our founder, Omer Reiner, was featured 3 times in Forbes magazine. Below are links to the articles.

Article #1 | Article #2 | Article #3


News report about FL Cash Home Buyers LLC and how our journey started. From Yoga to buying houses!

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Total Prestige Magazine

This prestigious magazine interviewed Omer about his journey from Yoga to Real Estate.

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Authority Magazine

An interview with founder Omer Reiner on how he and Gabriel Garcia were able to take the business to 7 figures in revenue.

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Seek Business Capital

This online blog quoted our founder Omer Reiner on tips for maximizing returns and staying out of trouble when rehabbing houses.

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This well known blog quoted Omer twice. Once on tips for starting to invest in real estate at a young age, and another time about improving your credit score.

Article #1 | Article #2


Our founder, Gabriel Garcia, interviewed in this well known real estate investing podcast with Mike Hambright.

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Tips from our founder, Omer Reiner, on real estate negotiation tactics that work.

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Ask The Experts

Ask the Experts with Steve O on set with Florida Cash Home Buyers   1

Steve O interviews our founders on this popular Palm Beach radio show featuring various experts.

Tips from our founder, Omer Reiner, on preparing for a potential real estate market crash in 2021.

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Tips from our founder, Omer Reiner, on what to do if there was a fire in your property!

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Retirement Investments

Tips from our founder, Omer Reiner, on how beginners can start their investment journey!

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Annie & Oak

Tips from our founder, Omer Reiner, about designing a kitchen!

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Our founder was featured in this blog speaking about the variables in selling your apartment or keeping it as a rental.

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Materials Market

A blog speaking about the benefits and upside of buying a sustainable and energy-efficient home.

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Omer talks about what you can do if you borrowed money and can’t pay it back!

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USA Safe & Vault

Omer gives insights about the best Safe Room designs for your home.

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