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Do You Pay Taxes When Selling a House in Florida?

This is a common question for many homeowners looking to sell their homes. The answer is that it depends.  This short article is a valuable resource for homeowners in Florida considering a property sale. It sheds light on capital gains tax liabilities and exemptions, offering clarity on how to determine taxable gains when selling your home. Please … Continued
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What Is The Eviction Process In Florida?

We buy houses in Florida. Ever wondered what’s the actual eviction process in Florida? If you’re a landlord or own property in Florida, do you know what the eviction law in Florida is and how it works? You should make yourself familiar with the eviction process in Florida just in case. You never know when … Continued
We Buy Houses In Florida

Tax Tips For Selling A House In Florida

We buy houses in Florida. When you think about the financial considerations that come with selling a house in Florida, many people focus on the sale price and real estate agent commissions. But what they might not be thinking about are the taxes involved in a real estate transaction. There are quite a few tax … Continued
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