Sell my house in Florida

404. Can You Sell A House After Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy In Florida?

We buy houses in Florida. Are you getting behind on bills? Receiving daily phone calls from debt collectors and creditors? Trying to handle mounting bills and living expenses can be overwhelming for anyone. Thankfully, there are available solutions out there so that you can hit a reset button on your finances. However, some of those solutions … Continued

Sell my house in Florida

368. How To Sell A House With Unpermitted Work In Florida

We buy houses in Florida. You’ve been working so hard to get your Florida house ready to sell. You have replaced the roof, did a bathroom remodel, and now you’re putting the finishing touches on a fresh coat of paint. But did you make sure the work that was done didn’t need permits? We are your … Continued

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172. 7 Important Home Renovations to Make Before Selling In Tampa FL

Getting your home ready to sell is never easy. Knowing which home renovations will help your house sell faster can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help get your home ready for potential buyers. From new paint to updated bathrooms, it’s hard to know what updates are worth the money. This … Continued

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136. Should You Renovate a House for Sale or Sell As-Is in Miami FL?

You’ve lived in your house for nearly a decade, and it’s time for a change. Your family might have gotten bigger with kids. Or you’re tired of the constant battle with your next-door neighbor. After an afternoon spent sifting realtor ads, take a break to admire your humble abode. You have fond memories of it, … Continued

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130. Ranking the Best Home Buying Companies in Jacksonville FL

Home prices are soaring. In fact, this spring marked more than 80 straight months of increased housing prices. But it’s not always easy to know how to cash in on home sales. We’re here to help narrow down the best home buyers. We buy houses in Jacksonville Florida. Read on for the top-rated home buying … Continued