68. Why Selling Your Home in Miami FL is Better than Building Without a Permit

We buy houses in Miami FLWe buy houses in Miami Florida. Getting the right permits for home repairs can be very expensive. And, of course, the home repairs themselves aren’t cheap. We are your local Miami FL home buyers, and we offer cash for houses in Miami FL.

If you’re thinking about building without a permit, think again. It’s actually better to sell your home in this situation.

Let’s take a look at why selling is the better option, rather than building without a permit.

Why You Should Sell Instead of Building Without a Permit

1. Avoid Problems Down the Road

When you build without a permit, it’s possible that you will decide to sell your home eventually. And when that happens, what will you do?

A home inspector or closing agent might find out about your un-permitted work when you decide to sell. There are official, legal descriptions on file of what kind of rooms your home has.

If that changes, and you never got a permit, it’s likely to be caught during an inspection prior to selling. This may adversely affect your sale, causing you to sell at a lower price or even causing the buyers to back out.

2. Avoid Paying Fines

If you are caught for doing work without a permit, you will likely have to pay a fine. That makes the entire process of building and remodeling more expensive in the long run.

Building inspectors pay attention to homes that are under construction, while they are out inspecting those homes that do have permits. They will be able to tell if you are doing construction without a permit, and will make you pay the price.

Even nosy neighbors or other locals can call the building department and ask if you have a permit for your work. If they find out you don’t, they might turn you in.

3. Save Money Long-Term

It’s easy for inspectors to check who has a permit and who doesn’t. If you can’t show the permit upon request, you will have to halt construction until you get one, which can be costly.

If you already have some work done, but it doesn’t meet local building codes, the city can actually order that work to be demolished. It’s much more expensive to build twice! By selling instead of working without a permit, you won’t need to worry about incurring these extra costs.

4. Contractors Will Want to Work With You

If you sell your home, you can afford to get permits for work on your next home, and ensure that contractors will actually want to work with you.

Most professional contractors don’t want to work on projects that don’t have permits. They know that the work can be halted or demolished if they get caught, and fines might be incurred. It doesn’t make sense for them to take on these risky projects.

The Bottom Line

Building without a permit can seem like a good idea at the time, but in the long run, it doesn’t pay off.

Because of fines and the risk of being caught, you will probably pay more in the long run than you would if you have gotten a permit in the first place. Instead of building with no permit, sell your home and put the profits toward a new place that meets your needs.

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