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If you fear losing your house because of your inability to make the high mortgage payments, then you must be going through a tough phase in your life and you might need to sell your house fast. The housing market crash, the unsteady economy, the loss of a job or any other unforeseen event could be the reason for you not being able to repay the loan amount. There are quite a few options available, but as you may have known, most of them harm your credit score and will prevent you from applying for future mortgages, credit cards, and other loans. In addition, if you have also lost your job and find it very difficult to get a new one, then you are sure to be at your wit’s end and may have a desperate need to know how to sell your house fast.

You may be getting threatening phone calls from the lending company and also regular house visits from people offering you numerous options and suggestions. It can be confusing and you can end up making a decision that is very detrimental to you. Bankruptcy and foreclosure are a few options that will affect your credit score very badly. A modified loan repayment plan will help you come to an agreement with the lender to repay the loan in a slightly modified way. This modification will only last for a short period, and you will have to repay the original loan amount after a specified length of time. A short sale might be a better solution for you as most times the lenders forgive the balance of the mortgage and allow you to sell your property for less than you owe. You may also be able to receive money for doing the short sale, either from the lender, the government, or the buyer.

“…wanted to sell the house fast without doing any repairs or even cleaning out the place as it was very hard emotionally.”

“My Mom passed away about a year ago. Her house was in terrible shape. I was the Executor of her estate and wanted to sell the house fast without doing any repairs or even cleaning out the place as it was very hard emotionally. A few hours after I decided to sell the home ‘As-Is’, I had an all-cash offer from Omer and his company. We closed the transaction in about 10 days and the estate settled sooner than expected. If I have to sell a property again, I will definitely contact you.”

– Michelle F. | Margate, FL

You can always sell your house for cash. If the value of the property is higher than the mortgage amount, you can find a buyer to purchase the property for cash. If you do a little repair work and paint your house, you increase the chances of selling your home quickly at a good rate. However, there are not many people willing to buy a house for cash. Due to the economic slowdown and various other factors, home loans are not easily available and people are wary to invest in real estate. Your chances of foreclosure are high when there are not enough qualified buyers. This is where we can help because we are cash buyers and we buy properties in ANY condition or price range.

Selling it to an investor for cash is far better than selling it to a regular buyer. You would have had to go through a lot of red tape to get a regular homebuyer to buy your home, and the process could take up to a year. Once you find a qualified real estate investor to sell a house fast, the transaction can be completed in a few days, as investor buyers do not need not wait for bank approval. When you are looking to sell your house quickly, then selling it to an honest real estate investor might be the best option available. Selling a home fast to real estate investors helps individuals save substantial sums of money and heartache.

You can sell your house by listing it with a realtor on the market or try to sell it on your own. While it can take anywhere from a few months to even a year to sell a house on your own or with a realtor, a real estate investing company can buy your house within a few days. If you are not in a position to make your mortgage payments, you most likely will not be able to do repair work to increase your house’s resale value. This is not a problem because the best real estate investors will buy your house in its current condition. Contact us and we will help you sell your house fast.

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